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bia saigon chill

We were tasked to come up with a branded-house beer concept for Bia Saigon. It was quite an open and exciting brief for us as they want something totally different from what they have.

The beer is aimed at young adults like young professionals or first jobbers, who are looking for a way to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The name CHILL was born together with the packaging concept of a colorful, holographic label which can be sparkle at night, the time when young people can finally chill out with a cold beer after all the stress. The design looks modern and youthful, which makes it really stand out from the Bia Saigon’s family, as well as other mass beer brands in the market.

Client : Sabeco

Creative Director : Sa Nguyen

Designer : Diem Tran

Copywriter: Kim Ngoc

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