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Alpha King is a very new name in the Vietnamese real estate market. However, they have been attracting attention when continuously acquiring golden location for super high-end projects in the center of Ho Chi Minh City.
Alpha King was developing a new project at Ba Son – a rich heritage location in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, along the iconic Saigon River – envisioned to be a landmark development that pays homage to this remarkable legacy and set the new benchmark for iconic developments in the city's future.

Our brief was to develop a brand’s identity system and marketing materials that captured the essence of the site's history and location, whilst also re-enforcing the quality of design and luxury facilities.
Get inspiration from the historic location of the project, we came up with the concept: Legacy of Time – to tell the story of an enduring landmark that engages the past heritage, present vibrance, and future grandeur of the magnificent city.

Since the name is a starting point for the brand's visual language, we wanted something bold and abstract that would trigger curiosity among our audience, yet also conveyed its luxuriousness. Hence, the name Centennial was the chosen one which perfectly fulfills our criterias and captures the brand concept.

The result of our creative endeavors was a cohesive and magnetic brand identity destined to attract potential A-class residents and establish Centennial as a premier residential area in Ho Chi Minh city. More than that, our proposal exceeded the client’s expectations with a brand film capturing their visions and the Legacy of Time concept. It also conveyed an abstract, artistic vibes which triggered people attention to the sophistication and mysteriousness of Centennial. Eventually, the production of this film turned out beautifully and became an important asset during their launching phase.

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