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gobi mongolian


In 2020, we joined a pitching project with the teams at Ogilvy UK to develop a new logo for GOBI – a Mongolian cashmere manufacturer co-headquartered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – which has branch and franchise stores in globally.


As GOBI’s logo has not changed for the last 20 years, they would like to bring it up to date to reflect their new global strategy.


The final result of our proposal was not only the logo part but also the whole visual identity system. As usual, we started with our own research to truly understand the brand and be able to tell the brand story through visual language. Since GOBI works directly with herders and makes its products end to end in Mongolia, we recognized that its heritage as a Mongolian brand was something that should be reflected while modernizing the logo. Traditionally, any person, even complete strangers could enter a Mongolian Ger without knocking, and they will always be greeted with comfort and joy. The Ger is the symbol of this deep-rooted hospitality. We create a very simple logomark of the Ger, followed by a minimal but iconic illustration style, balanced with a fashionable logotype. The logotype is designed to have a very soft edge, and be angular to represent the curve of the Ger, but still, ensure readability on both print and digital. Green and gold are chosen to be the primary colors — Green represents Mongolia’s vast grasslands, while Gold evokes the luxurious feeling and the best craftsmanship of GOBI.​

Client : GOBI Cashmere

Creative Director : Sa Nguyen

Designer : Yen Nguyen

Art Director : Phuong Anh

Copywriter : Kim Ngoc

Animator : Diem Tran

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