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The Cult Team has again partnered with SABECO, Vietnam’s largest brewery company, this time to launch a range of spirit flavored beers.

With the rise in popularity of cocktails and spirit-based drinks, SABECO saw an opportunity to bring SABECO’s beer brands to the young generation by launching a range of flavored beer. Two unique-blended variants have been created with selected flavors – Lemon and Tequila – to create a unique taste experience for beer lovers.

Thus, the name MASH UP beer was born to magnify the original concept of this flavored beer. It is also an evocative name that connects the brand to the young public.

For the packaging design, we came up with an approach that can take the brand into a more youthful-club-territory but still allows the honesty and quality of the beer to shine through. We have created a striking color palette of white and green/yellow to convey sophisticated refreshment cues contrasting with the spirit variant colors that deliver young and fresh feel.

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