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Vinamilk adm


ADM is a sub-brand of Vinamilk, launched in 2011, with the positioning of a nutritional supplement milk brand for kid from 3-10 years old.


In 2020, they came to us with a brief to totally redesign the brand. From brand visual identity, packaging to character design for a TVC and animated series.

The final result was a “brand new world” centered around ADM Magical Squad – a trio of Bop the Wizard Cow, Zim the boy and Lala the girl.


Zim and Lala are two friends living in Ban Mai city of the human world. Accidentally discovering the Dark Wizard Acma’s evil plan to destroy the whole universe, Zim and Lala help Bop - the Guardian Wizard from ADM magical world - to fight against Acma and take back the Power Stone that he stole from ADM world.

The normal life of Zim and Lala suddenly becomes so magical when the two are given the ADM magical power by Bốp, and then begins the extraordinary adventures of the trio.

Client : Vinamilk ADM

Creative Director : Sa Nguyen

Designer : Yen Nguyen / Gwen Galinato

Character Design : Wanchana Intrasombat

Art Director / Concept Artist : Tat Giang

Copywriter : Kim Ngoc

Animator : Diem Tran

3D Animation : Colory

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