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vinamilk organic

In 2020, Vinamilk relaunched their Organic Fresh Milk range and entrusted us to refresh the packaging design. The objective was to clearly convey the eco-friendly farm and Grass-Fed benefits which resulted in 100% organic, high-quality milk, to better communicate the product’s offerings in a crowded category. Yet the challenge was to create a design system with a product story that could be able to adapt in different sizes of the packs.

Our final creative approach delivers visual punch on the shelf across categories. The whole “craft box” is the canvas that captures the illustration of Vinamilk Organic Dairy Farm, where dairy cows grazing on a hillside of fresh grass, together with the green landscape of the farm. A well-defined structure of information and product story also helps in enhancing the desired organic, farm-fresh feel.

Client : Marico

Creative Director : Sa Nguyen

Art Director : Tat Giang

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